Communicate Like an Executive Assistant

Forget about communicating “like a boss.” Here are some successful communication tips from the best Executive Assistants:

  1. Create a Successful Handoff

A good Executive should call out the Executive Assistant by saying something like “Blake will help us schedule a time/place (thanks Blake!)” Clearly calling out who is in charge of next steps prevents items from falling through the cracks.

  1. Establish Autonomy

An Executive Assistant immediately takes control of the conversation and establishes their autonomy. “Certainly! I’d be happy to help…”

  1. Maintain Inside Knowledge

An assistant always displays specialized knowledge related to not only their bosses preferences, but also knowledge for the other parties involved. “Dinner at The House restaurant would be great. If you’re a fan of distinctly Asian American flavor, I think you’ll be in for a treat.”

  1. Positive Personality

We all know Assistants are never negative. More important though, Assistants are also not overly formal or formulaic. Templates are fine, as long as they have personality. “Congrats on the promotion Amy. Did you hear that sound? Leslie Knope said – ‘it’s the sound of the glass ceiling cracking!’ 

  1. Keep it short

Whether it’s e-mails back and forth or extraneous conversation, a great assistant will decrease interactions to maximize time. Providing relevant information and making clear what you need from the other party minimizes the need for extraneous emails.

  1. Give Passive Updates

To give an Executive peace of mind, a great Executive Assistant should give passive updates to the executive. Whether it’s the completion of a project or key milestones along the way, knowing when and how to update the relevant individuals is critical to effective communication.

Executive Assistants are masters of communication! Use these six skills to up your game or use Esper to help your communication- personalized templates, task updates, and much more to help you achieve these skills!

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Executives and Assistants

When we’re talking to executives and assistants, we frequently get asked at Esper about the tricks really amazing executive assistants (EAs) use to make their workflow more efficient and maintain the highest quality in their work. After talking to more than fifty executives and EAs, we noticed several recurring tactics the best EAs use and several niche tricks we think more EAs should consider adopting. Whether you’re a new EA looking to launch your career or a seasoned EA hoping to pick up a new tactic or two, we hope these seven habits help you to be more productive.

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