Esper New Office Painting Party

What do Pac-man, a stick figure desperately needing the bathroom, a camel with a bow tie and top hat, and the San Francisco Giants all have in common? To the outside observer, this question might have no answer but for those who attended Esper’s new office painting party the answer is painted all over the walls. Thank you to all our lovely guests who helped make our office a beautiful work space, especially Julie Zhu. It was great seeing many familiar and new faces.

To watch the whole thing pan out please watch our time-lapse video.

We began painting at 4pm slowly making progress on the empty white walls. As our reinforcements arrived in the form of different guests (we even had some local high school students WHS) we were ready in full force to unleash our artsy side. Whatever came to mind found itself on the wall.

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The night drew to a close as many thanks and hugs were exchanged, we waited anxiously for the morning to begin phase 2: Operation Tape and Paint White. With our master of the beautiful arts aka you know who aka Julie Zhu in command, we overlaid different shapes and designs over the painted wall with painters tape. We then painted everything not covered in tape in white, waited for everything to dry then took of the protective painters tape.

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And of course, thank you to all the amazing guests! I hope everyone had fun. Stay posted for more events soon to happen at our new office.

Big thanks to Julie Zhu for arranging all this. The office would still be with white walls without your help.

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