Make Time Great Again

A couple months ago, CEO Andrew Lee met up with a successful entrepreneur friend for dinner. The friend had just wrapped up a successful PR tour and was trying to make sure that he was doing everything he could to guard his most precious resource, his time.

He pulled out his phone at the dinner table and showed Andrew a “calendar audit.” This calendar audit showed all of his calendar events matched against his company’s strategic goals. The friend had exported all the data from his calendar, created a spreadsheet to assign categories to all his events, and calculated the total time he spent on each category. His friend remarked how useful it was, but that he was told this secret by another entrepreneur. His friend remarked, “Turns out the top CEOs, politicians, and leaders all do this in some form – heck, even Steve Ballmer does this.” However, he also observed how difficult it was because there was no readily available tool.

Weekly Percent Table

Andrew soon found others with this same problem. Sam Shank, CEO of Hotel Tonight, spent four weeks conducting his own labor intensive calendar audit. Keith Rabois, partner at Khosla Ventures, conducts periodic “calendar audits” for CEOs of companies he has invested in to make sure that their schedule allocation matches their goals. No one had a dedicated tool to help them solve this problem.

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Since then, the Esper team has been working tirelessly to bring this concept to life, following its mission of solving the problem of time mismanagement. With that in mind, we are excited to announce Esper – a quick and easy way to track how you are spending your time. Just as you track your expenses and maintain a budget, you can now do the same with your time. Let’s “make time great again.”  😉


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