EA Tips

Espers Productivity Tips

Just as Esper is focusing on optimizing the communication and scheduling workflow for executive assistants, we’ve also structured our own workplace practices to increase efficiency and save our team time. Below are a few of our favorite practices that fellow startups, or even more established companies, should consider adopting. 

esper lunch1. Stand-Up: At the beginning of every workday, our team gathers around and we discuss the day ahead. It’s a chance for the whole team to check in and get exposed to what fellow employees are accomplishing. What did you complete the day before, what are you working on today, and what (or who) is blocking you from completing a task. Stand-Up serves as a way for us to get our proverbial wires untangled. The biggest benefit of Stand-Up, though, is that no one sits. Standing meetings are statistically shorter; everyone gets to the point quickly and then we can all get back to work!

2. Team Lunch and Dinner: We use services such as DoorDash, EatClub, and others to order-in lunch and dinner for the whole team everyday. Ordering in meals pays dividends for us as individuals, as a team, and for our community. Eating together builds our community and allows for an informal environment to discuss anything ranging form the product direction to dinosaurs and wacky sports.

3. Ergonomic Everything!: We want all of our employees to live long productive lives. Hence why we provide dual screens, standing desks, and ergonomic mice and desks for every individual. Standing can literally save years off your life! And when the US was playing during the World Cup, half the office monitors were tuned to the game.engineers

4. Chat Service: Our team uses Slack for quick communication, so we never have to yell across the office. Creating a quiet space with minimal interruption is essential to productive work! Passive communication through chat means you can answer immediately or when you finish your current task, therefore you’re never interrupted right in the middle of your work.

5. Password Management: We use LastPass Enterprise to quickly share passwords. We don’t waste mental energy remembering passwords or worrying about access. No one you share a password with actually knows that password and you don’t have to remember it either!

6. Shared Folders: Organization of our shared documents is important so we can find what we need with a click of the mouse, from any computer. Our team uses Google Drive to easily share and organize all of our work.

7. Fun excursions! We believe that having fun outside the office is great for workplace productivity, which is why the Esper team recently hiked Half Dome together. We returned to the office – after a weekend of rest – refreshed and ready to attack our work again. The team also captured some sweet pics, which you can view here. We also organize smaller events and include family and friends in everything we do. Recently we held a backyard BBQ, an Escape from a Room trip in San Francisco, and a Christmas in July party.


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